Labour Law Compliance

Labor Law Compliance is an integral part of the organization and considered to be the pivotal activity of the HR services. In today’s ecosystem, where there is an increased scrutiny over the documentation part, Labor law has its own importance and organizations need to follow the compliance at all times in order to have its own sustenance and growth.

The influence of labor laws for organizations

In fact, since labor law is complex to understand and implement, many organizations do get involved with labor law compliance through an external agency who undertake the compliance on behalf of the company.

3N Sirius Consulting LLP is an accomplished HR Company in Hyderabad which undertakes Labor Law Compliances for companies and gets involved in the proper documentation for labor law so that the compliances for labor law are properly met.

Some of the principal Labor Law Compliance that we undertake at our end:
Employee State Insurance or ESI

The Employee State Insurance or the ESI needs to be perfectly maintained by the HR department every month. We undertake the ESI for the employees and ensure that the medical benefits reach the employee and his assigned nominee.

Provident Fund or PF

Provident Fund or PF is a mandatory prerequisite for the organizations to follow and is considered to be the compulsory contributory fund which benefits the future of employees. We undertake the PF functions for an organization and ensure that the employees do enjoy their retiring benefits and for their family in case of the death of the individual.

Minimum Wage Act

The Minimum Wages Act is an act governed by parliament which concerns the minimum wage system for both skilled and unskilled labors in India. 3N Sirius Consulting LLP has got a team of professionals who could map the provisions for Minimum Wages Act and implements them from time to time.

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