Staffing Services

In today’s dynamic world, organizations often have a changing business dynamics and the type of services they offer is comprehensively project-based which means they require the workforce who is considered temporary. The staffing services become the best solution for companies who look forward to such a short engagement, where the assortment of candidates is done based on the client’s specific brief.

3N Sirius Consulting LLP is a staffing company in Hyderabad which is instrumental in identifying and deploying the right resource who could support the client for their interim project. In turn, the right resource would have the ability to complete the project with much efficiency.

Permanent Staffing

One should understand that getting hold of a permanent employee to the organization is a big commitment to both the hiring company and the recruitment consultant. 3N Sirius Consulting LLP has an inherent capability in them, to provide the right candidate who are properly screened and qualified for permanent staffing solution in the organization.

The process we adopt is comprehensively foolproof and ensures that our client gets hold of the best resource from our end.

Temporary Staffing Services

As the name suggests, temporary staffing services are intended by the hiring company for certain interim projects that come their way. The temporary staffing services help the organizations in finding a good resource for a short-term project plan which could last for 6- months to a year. 3N Sirius Consulting LLP offers temporary staffing services to customers with the right workforce who could work on for certain durations.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is almost similar to temporary staffing, but the tenure in contractual staffing holds for a very short time and is completely based on the written agreement between two or more persons for a particular task. If the particular task is completed, the contractual staffing automatically comes to an end.

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